Welcome to Falco Projects where turning back is not an option!

Falco Projects is a stable family-run business. We have maintained a stable client base created from a strong service backup and a proven track record of full customer satisfaction.

Philip Faulconer, Owner of Falco Projects says:

I have a friendly, professional installation team taking your needs into consideration!

Undoubtedly you shall be greeted in a friendly respectful manner and all measures will be taken to suit your requirements. Housekeeping gets practiced on completion of each installation in order not to leave your home in an unworkable condition and inconvenience you.

I am a proud owner of Falco Projects,  not only for the awesome team that I have but also because I can personally assure that only the BEST products are installed to enhance your home's wood and vinyl flooring. This means that it will also warm up your home and can be backed with warranties of up to 10 - 30 years. I am hands on, and am always aware of what is happening with each and every installation that takes place daily. I can assure you... If at ANY given time you are not satisfied with the serviceor the product that we offer, you can call me, and I will personally take care of the matter and ensure that you are taken care of in a manner that I would like to be treated.

 As we say Falco Projects, For your Solid Engineered Flooring, Laminate, Vinyl Flooring, Underflooring Heating and PV Solar System Solutions

My Goal is to ensure that customer satisfaction, housekeeping and after sales service is practiced 110% with each and every one of my clients. After all- Your satisfaction is our future, and in the unlikely event of a guarantee claim, you can rest assured that you have chosen the best!

Laminated Flooring

Solid Engineered Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

PV Solar System Solutions

Why Consider PV Solar

Energy from the sun is free and it will continue to shine. PV solar does not emit CO2, which damages the environment. Reduces your dependence on fossil fuel and power utilities. Efficient for both commercial and residential use. More affordable.

Grid-Tied PV Solar Systems

Grid-tied system with battery back-up

Off-grid system