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Underfloor Heating Solutions

Our trained heating specialists will ensure that correct floor heating solutions are provided to suit your lifestyle.
The heaters are discreetly hidden and unobtrusive. They are designed to run continuously & in normal conditions
will NOT overheat due to built-in thermo protection.

We use control & energy efficient thermostat controllers.

We Specialize In the following:
  • Under Tile Heating
  • Under Carpet Heating
  • Under Laminate Heating

In Screed Heating
Water Based Floor Heating


Sherman•s Thermostats come in different ranges and styles, for example 2x4, 4x4 Plates, or can also be Surface Mounted and plugged in.
They can be purchased on a S2000, S3000 plate and with enough notice they can be color matched to suit your requirements. below are
just a few examples of our standard thermostats, but wider ranges are available.

Please click on the picture or the link for a detailed user manual on each thermostat.

View Our OJ Analogue Thermostat | Sherman's Projects
View Our OJ Digital Programmable Thermostat | Sherman's Projects
View Our TR3100 Thermostat | Sherman's Projects
View Our TR8100v Thermostat | Sherman's Projects
We use  Warmup Floor heating Products | Sherman’s Projects  products, which come with the Following guarantees:



Marmox Insulation boards is a perfect choice to meet with your floor Insulation solutions. Whether you are installing Under Floor heating or NOT, it’s a great additive to stop heat escaping through your floor into the surface bed, and makes a barrier to reduce the cold factor from the surface bed affecting your floor surfaces positively no matter what type of floor it may be. The bonus is it enhances your under floor heating system thus assisting in quicker start up times and less electricity usage as it assists in keeping the warmth in for longer.

For more information on our Marmox, please click on the link below or enquire within

View Marmox Data Sheet -> Marmox data
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Leading Floor Heating Solutions | Sherman’s Projects