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Underfloor Heating Solutions

Our trained heating specialists will ensure that correct floor heating solutions are provided to suit your lifestyle.
The heaters are discreetly hidden and unobtrusive. They are designed to run continuously & in normal conditions
will NOT overheat due to built-in thermo protection.

We use control & energy efficient thermostat controllers.

We Specialize In the following:

Under Tile Heating
Under Carpet Heating
Under Laminate Heating
In Screed Heating
Water Based Heating


Falco Thermostats come in different ranges and styles, for example 2x4, 4x4 Plates, or can also be Surface Mounted and plugged in.
They can be purchased on a S2000, S3000 plate and with enough notice they can be color matched to suit your requirements. below are
just a few examples of our standard thermostats, but wider ranges are available.


If you’re thinking of enhancing your home, why not look at our Solid Engineered wood Flooring, laminate and vinyl options. The stylish modern laminate & Vinyl Flooring is fast becoming the number 1 choice of floors for many. It does not harbour dust, thus assisting in eliminating allergies and elements like asthma. It gives a warm cosy feeling, It’s easy to clean & maintain, and looks great. With our partners we can offer you a wide variety of flooring solutions that will meet your requirements. Once again! GREAT product, GREAT quality, GREAT aftersales service.


A grid-tied system is a basic solar installation that uses a standard grid-tied inverter and does not have any battery storage. This is perfect for customers who are already on the grid and want to add solar to their house. These systems can qualify for municipal incentives which help to pay for the system.

One disadvantage of this type of system is that when the power goes out, so does your system. This is for safety reasons because linemen working on the power lines need to know there is no source feeding the grid. Grid-tied inverters have to automatically disconnect when they don’t sense the grid. This means that you cannot provide power during an outage or an emergency and you can’t store energy for later use. You also can’t control when you use the power from your system, such as during peak demand time.

But if a customer has a basic grid-tied system, they are not out of luck if they want to add storage later. The solution is doing an AC-coupled system where the original grid tied inverter is coupled with a battery backup inverter. This is a great solution for customers who want to install solar now to take advantage of incentives, but aren’t ready to invest in the batteries just yet.

A customer can benefit from metering because when the solar is producing more than they are using, they can send power back to the grid. But in times when the loads are higher than what the solar is producing they can buy power from the utility. The customer is not reliant on the solar to power all of his or her load. The main take away is that when the grid goes down, the solar is down as well and there’s no battery back-up in the system.